NeoNetworX is a consulting company specialized in supporting scaled enterprise business transformations into a Lean-Agile culture, operation and way-of-working. Our services include every tool you could possibly require right from inception, throughout implementation up to inspection of achieved results. One of our most sought for services is fixing derailed / failed agile transformations.

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Drive the organizational scaled agile transformation, in collaboration with the leadership team. Train, and coach the organization in the new way of working. Help the Value Stream reach peak productivity by establishing new operating standards, engineering a better governance model, defining meaningful metrics, reducing waste, fostering Communities of Practices, coordinating teams, and modeling agile behaviors. Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Drive

    Lead strategic organizational agile transformation (own its Roadmap & Backlog).

    Define, publish and educate key metrics.

    Codify org-wide agile guidelines (policies, roles, qualifications and responsibilities, etc.).

    Drive the re-engineering of processes to improve efficiency and quality.

    Review the operational effectiveness of the Agile Release Trains (ARTs) / Tribes and advise improvements.

    Anticipate and mitigate / escalate risks and issues.

  • Grow

    Act as a galvanizing force for sharing agile knowledge across the organization.

    Create, build, and deliver customized agile training (including new agile best practices and new releases of SAFe).

    Deliver hands-on coaching in all aspects of agile and lean.

    Define and mentor teams through an Agile Maturity Model.

    Assist the career development of people in agile roles.

  • Influence

    Engage with and influence stakeholders and leadership.

    Influence business units and technology teams on agile principles

    Create, launch, and facilitate agile collaborative groups, Communities of Practices, working groups, and guilds.

    Continuously develop potential and existing agile coaches (scaled coaching).

    Channel ideas from professional facilitation, coaching, conflict management, mediation, and more.

    Observe and support business, portfolio, and program level agile activities, and provide constructive feedback.


We offer a wide variety of services, supporting every step from the initial brainstorming about agile adoption right up to auditing and overwatching ended / ongoing transformation programs. Here is a short teaser to some of our team-level services, just to give you a - very light - impression about what we do during coaching sessions. For a more detailed or business / enterprise level transformation support services please get in touch with us so we can provide a tailored offer for your specific situation.

Meeting Facilitation Facilitation of a Stand-Up, iteration planning, iteration review, retrospective, or any other meeting. A great way to see how to run a great Agile meeting as well as learn new facilitation techniques. Facilitating non-Agile meetings is a great way to help build bridges with other parts of the organization.
Team Health Check A combination of guided self-assessment and expert opinion to provide a set of recommended action items and suggested service offerings that the team can do on their own or with coaching support.
Product Visioning One of the ingredients of a high performance team is a clear product vision that everyone is able to articulate and believes in.
Scrum Introduction Overview and introduction to Scrum. Uses a series of hands on activities to explain how Scrum works. Training can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days.
Kanban Introduction Overview and introduction to Kanban. Uses a series of hands on activities to explain how Kanban works. Training can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 day.
Board Creation Workshop The concept of a wall-board comes from Kanban, but can be applied to any team regardless of their chosen methodology. Also includes material and activities on the benefits of limiting work in progress (WIP) and how to implement WIP limits using a card wall.
Retrospectives Techniques Learn about and practice a wide variety of retrospective formats. Discus the concept of Retrospectives and structure of the session.
Effective Stand-Up Anybody can run a Stand-Up, it doesn’t have to be a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. Deep dive into what makes a Stand-Up effective and how to run one to get the best results.
Story Points and Planning Poker Workshop Story points and planning poker are often misunderstood. This workshop will re-introduce the concepts and use activities to show how planning poker and story points really work.
Agile Simulations Some concepts in Agile are counterintuitive and thus hard to communicate via a conversation or video. Agile simulations are a fun and effective way to impart Agile concepts and provide some team building at the same time. Simulations include: the coin game and the Scrum game, Kanban pizza, etc. (1-day workshop)
Minimum Viable Product Workshop How to create a minimum viable product. Bring your product vision and epics and leave with an MVP. This includes the User Story Mapping technique.
Product Owner Introduction Mini-workshop on how to be a great product owner. Includes product visioning, MVP creation, user story writing, and how to find and deliver the most value using Agile.
User Story Workshop Use of games and other activities to provide a deeper understanding of what a good user story looks like and techniques for how to split large stories into smaller stories. Next, working with the coach to re-write user stories from a team’s backlog.
Change Management Workshop A workshop for leadership to learn about transformation tools such as the Kotter and ADKAR change management models, transformation planning, and ongoing transformation guidance and coaching.
Mentoring 1on1 mentoring sessions (Coaching, shadowing, etc.)
• Scrum Master
• Product Owner
• Product Manager
• Agile Delivery Manager
• Release Train Engineer
• Architects
• Facilitator
Kick-start Coaching When a new team is formed, initialize they operation with a coaching session specifically targeted to new teams